A m a t e u r  R a d i o  W e b s i t e

Promoting Single Sideband DX'ing on Six & Two Metres

New 2m Yagi Design On Test:
The 'Enfield Yagi' by G6ODA is now on test. 9 elements on a 4m boom with a gain of 11.2dBD. Please send signals reports if heard. 

Six Metres Update:
I am dedicated to 6m DX'ing, DXCC and locator square hunting using SSB only. However, I have decided to scale back 6m activity to allow more time for 2m testing during the solar minimum years.  Antenna system is now reduced to a single 5 element Vargarda. Check out my 6m DX'ing page.

Remote Radio Testing:
I am currently testing remote and mobile remote operation of my home station using just an iPhone.  Check out my Remote Radio page here

For Sale:
Genuine LMR-600 Very low loss coaxial cable. (See specifications and compare with other cables here) 4 per metre plus delivery. E-mail me to check availability for the length you require. 

QSL Manager:
Phil G3SWH, manages all my QSL requests for both my M5BXB and OK8XB callsigns. Please visit G3SWH website for details and log search.

M5BXB Top 10 DX on 6m since 2002

Date Station DXCC Locator Distance Km
1 09/06/2013 LU9EHF Argentina                             FF95mm 11,278
2 23/04/2003 CX4CR Uruguay GF15wc 11,080
3 02/05/2013 FR4NT Reunion Is.                          LG78px 9,717
4 28/03/2003 PY2VA Brazil GG66rj 9,531
5 09/06/2013 PU1MKZ Brazil GG87jl 9,273
6 09/06/2013 PU1SGT Brazil GG87ve 9,259
7 16/06/2008 W5OZI United States of America EM00dl 8,017
8 01/06/2008 YV4DYJ Venezuela FK50xe 7,620
9 21/05/2013 ZD7VC Saint Helena                        IH74db 7,552
10 05/07/2006 YV4DDK Venezuela FK60 7,522

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